Literary Guard

From manuscripts to masterpieces, Lit Guard's team of  literary agents has got your back!

Who We Are

LitGuard was founded five years ago by four literary specialists who were passionate about books and the publishing sector. They sincerely believe that literary works and materials have the ability to affect the world, and we believe that creators may utilize their skills to make a difference.

Our main aim is to provide creators with a robust structure to assist them throughout the entire creative process. We strive for clarity and openness in our work, fostering a collaborative environment. Passion drives us; we deeply care about our work and the success and happiness of our creators. We firmly believe in combining this passion with strong ethical principles, aligning personal motivation with doing what is right.

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What We DO

LitGuard proudly represents highly skilled individuals from around the world. We support them in their creative and business ventures, protect their rights, and assist them in creating successful materials.

As an agency, we wholeheartedly support accomplished and forward-thinking individuals in their creative and business endeavors. We diligently forge excellent partnerships and offer top-notch professional assistance to protect their intellectual property rights. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we've helped numerous talented authors create highly successful books that deeply resonate with readers and perform well on popular distribution platforms.

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Your literary journey begins here, with LitGuard's EXCEPTIONAL an DEDICATED TEAM TO NURTURE your literary dream!