LITGUARD takes great PRIDE

in representing a distinguished group of internationally renowned individuals with extraordinary talents and skills. As an agency, we passionately support accomplished and forward-thinking individuals in their creative and business endeavors. We foster outstanding collaborations and provide top-notch professional support to protect their intellectual property rights.

WE Collaborate with 


media organization with skilled marketing professionals in with extensive connections in bookstores, media channels, and distribution networks. Through proactive global promotion and distribution efforts, our major objective is to improve the visibility and sales of our authors' works. Accessibility is of the utmost significance to us at LITGUARD. We constantly explore new distribution and marketing possibilities, working hard to increase our authors' readership and engage an even wider range of readers.


In Literature,

We Connect

creators with the right audience, major clients, and readers globally, understanding diverse preferences. In the realm of fantasy, we seek captivating stories to transport readers to imaginative worlds. In the genres of mystery and suspense, we navigate intricate plots worldwide. In the world of romance, we embrace the power of love, transcending borders. In non-fiction, we explore inspiring and educational subjects for a global readership.

Driven by our Passion 

for storytelling, we scour the literary world for boundary-breaking works. We connect authors and readers, fostering exceptional literature with a global impact. With unwavering dedication, we facilitate cultural exchange and embark on limitless literary journeys.