Since 2018

LitGuard was created five years ago when four literary agents, who had a deep love for literature and the publishing industry, joined forces. They truly believed that literary works and materials have the power to change the world, and we share a strong belief that creators can use their talents to make a positive difference.

Our primary aim is to provide creators with a strong structure to assist them throughout the entire creative process. We aspire to maintain clarity and openness in our work while fostering a collaborative environment. Passion drives us, signifying our deep commitment to our work and our desire for our creators' achievement and fulfillment. We firmly believe in blending this passion with ethical principles, emphasizing the integration of personal motivation with doing what we are passionate about.


As partners in creativity and business, we undertake various tasks to support individuals who own intellectual property. These tasks include planning, assisting with marketing and branding, negotiating contracts, managing finances, and providing comprehensive support in the complex world of the creative industry.


Our mission is all about helping creators reach their full potential and succeed while staying true to ethical values. We do this by giving them a strong framework that encourages teamwork and openness. Our goal is to support creators) as they face different challenges in their careers and help them come up with ideas that help them grow professionally.


After having initially worked independently in the realm of literature, we have shifted our approach towards collaboration, uniting with kindred spirits in the literary field who also embrace our vision and objectives. Our past involved serving as solitary advocates for creators and their literary materials, but we have since acknowledged the profound impact of teamwork and partnerships within this domain. In concert with fellow literary agents, publishers, and creative minds, our mission is to magnify voices, champion diverse narratives, and adeptly traverse the continually evolving landscape of literature, all with the aim of realizing our shared vision and aspirations for the future of the literary world.

Joel Simon
Joel Simon | Founder

Mike Carter
Mike Carter | Co-Founder

Ada Vega
Ada Vega | Co - Founder

Joan Becker
Joan Becker | CFO

Maya Kama | Lead

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Andre Fischer | Lead

Andrea Powell
Andrea Powell | Lead

Georgia - NB
Georgia Novak | Literary Agent

Zara Finch
Zarah Finch | Literary Agent

Hugo Galan
Hugo Galan | Literary Agent

Carrie Devin
Carrie Devin | Literary Agent

Nyx Simon
Nyx Simon | Literary Agent